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Lifestyle Photography FAQ’s

What is a high resolution digital file? High resolution files allows clients to blow up and print their pictures without loosing image quality. A low resolution file will appear blurry and pixelated when printed. Low Resolution files are for proofing purposes and High Resolution files are for printing purposes.

What is included with my package? Your session fee includes the photographers time, use of props, a certain number of digital files (See pricing) that give you rights to print anywhere you like. It also includes a print credit coupon code that can be checked out with an online order through. Anything beyond your package can be purchased in your proofing gallery or by contacting me.

Can I buy the entire gallery? Yes you can, packages are available. Full Gallery, 20 additional files, and single files

What do I wear for a session? I have a bunch of style boards I can give you access too prior to your session. It’s a big help to know what’s your desired look for the photo shoot prior to your session.

How far in advanced do I book? 3-8 weeks is recommended. Cancellations do happen, so feel free to write to see if something opened up. Holiday season (End of September – November) fills extremely fast. Newborns please try to have your due date in my calendar prior to delivering. If you receive an induction or c-section date please contact me with that information when receiving it to ensure your booking slot.

What days of the week do you shoot? I shoot weekdays and weekends. Weekends are the most popular. With that said it’s very hard to book a newborn session on the weekend because I am most likely already booked. Please plan ahead with your spouse about saving some time to be able to present for your babies first shoot if you want a family shot during the weekdays.

What do I bring to my session? I have a preparation guide for sessions that gives some helpful tips what to bring for your session. If I do not send it over, drop me a note and I will get it over to you! For children, Something that always stands out for me is to bring an item that they are really into at the moment, whether it’s trucks, painting, guitar, fancy nancy, tea parties, pirates, wizard of oz, ballerinas, bears, etc. I think it’s a great way to remember what they loved at that moment in time. I also have a wide array of props, so check in with me to see if I have something that works we can pre-plan that too.

How can I pay? I accept Cash, Check, Venmo, and Paypal ( invoices can be paid by credit card with paypal)


When do I pay for my session? At your photography session

Why does it take 2-3 weeks to see my proofing gallery? I do a lot of editing and there are a bunch of sessions ahead of you, Post Processing work is about triple the time is takes to take your pictures. Sometimes more.


What type of post-procession do you do? I use photoshop to enhance colors and light, as well as filtering. I can also take out skin imperfections as well as blemishes. Newborns most often have to be skin smoothed.


How many picture will be my gallery yield? 50-75 for regular sessions, sometimes more. Mini sessions are 30-60. Newborn sessions are 40-70.

What type of photographer am I?  I am a full-time lifestyle photographer  with a concentration in children, families, and portraiture. I also have a background in the arts so in addition, I create artistic series and photograph Models, Beauty, and Editorial.

Do you photograph weddings? No, I do not photograph weddings.

When did you start photographing? I started taking pictures with an SLR in High School, I shot as a second wedding photographer in college, then I would shot friends and family when asked, and in 2009 I decided to push my lifestyle photography into a career.

I haven’t heard back from you is there a better way to get in touch with you? Do not feel bad sending me an additional email. I get a ton of emails, Facebook personal & work messages, and text messages on a daily basis, so it’s best to try again. Email is the best way to get in touch with me. Also, on occasion, my emails will go to your junk mail.

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